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communitIes & organizations


The Foundation is very proud to have helped the 18 Masonic Lodges in western Maine with their support of Operation Reboot Outdoors Maine… In total these 18 Lodges raised almost $20,000 and utilizing their access to the Foundation’s Matching Grants funds presented Operation Reboot a $60,000 donation on August 6th.


In early 2021, the Foundation  announced a new initiative called ‘MAC – Masons Assisting Communities’.

In partnership with the 177 Masonic Lodges located throughout Maine, the Foundation expanded its community focused Matching Grants Program.

Under this new initiative – MAC  – the Foundation saw its matching grants program grow over 100%!

This past year, the Foundation issued 390 grants and in partnership with the Lodges these grants provided over $750,000 to local community nonprofits, towns and organizations across Maine.

Maine Masons have always been committed to helping local community organizations accomplish their goals – whether that is an extra set of hands to employ their time and talents or a form of financial support. 

This matching grants initiative – MAC Masons Assisting Communities – seeks to encourage and empower Maine Masons to do even more locally and to bring awareness to their inspiring efforts.

Please join us for GOLF

The Foundation is hosting its 2nd annual Golf classic on monday, september 19, 2022

Play, volunteer and / or sponsor proceeds to benefit the brotherhood fund and the children’s center




Bikes for Books

Encouraging children to read

Promoting Healthy Living

Masonic Medical Research Institute

The Institute’s vision is to build scientific teams that can combine molecular biology, chemistry, computation, technology and engineering to create novel approaches to understanding and deciphering causes of disease. Using this knowledge, we will advance basic research to clinical application, therapeutics and cures. To this end, the Institute will foster an environment of creativity, risk-taking, and open sharing of data and research. Finally, this new model will seek collaborations, both within the Institute and worldwide, in our mission to combat disease.

Get ready...

The FOUNDATION is going to sponsor a walking challenge

How will it work…form a team (it can be Lodge members, Lodge members and their friends & families, nonprofit organizations – their staff & volunteers, an entire town, all of the above or just a team of two or three) the choice is yours
How long will the challenge last…we are planning on 4 to 6 weeks  
Why do it…the top 3 teams to log the most steps (step equivalents) or average steps per team member  will get to vote to determine where the Foundation donates 3 awards – $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500.  Think of the good you could do in your community!

More recent highlights across Maine

Marge Jones Recreation Fields get much needed rehabilitation…Federal Masonic Lodge #6 takes advantage of the Foundation’s Matching Grants program and donates $3,000

Under its MAC – Masons Assisting Communities initiative the Foundation in partnership with Federal Masonic Lodge #6 donated $3,000 to support the rehabilitation efforts by the town. [below is Bill Chapman providing the $2,000 in Foundation matching funds to Jason Peasley, Rockport’s Fire Chief, and Jon Duke, Rockport Town Manager

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Oxford Hills Youth Wrestling

Under its MAC – Masons Assisting Communities initiative the Foundation in partnership with Paris Masonic Lodge #94 and Tyrian Masonic Lodge #73 contributed almost $15,000 to make sure the over 90 young girls and boys in towns stretching from the borders of Lewiston-Auburn to the Mountains and Lakes Regions in

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Unified Champion Clubs

Success stories are easy to tell and the Foundation’s partnership with the Alfond Youth & Community Center “AYCC” & Special Olympics Maine to launch the first Unified Champion Club in Waterville, Maine in the fall of 2019 is just that…a success story! The brainchild of Sawyer Boulette, Special Olympics Board

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