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Improving lives in Maine through charity and good works

MAC = Masons Assisting Communities

In partnership with the 170+ Masonic Lodges located throughout Maine, the Foundation – Matching Grants Program – doubles the giving power of each local Masonic Lodge.  providing  much needed assistance in many communities across Maine.

Under the MAC initiative the Foundation last year we awarded just under 500 grants!  

Maine Masons have always been committed to helping local community organizations accomplish their goals – whether that is an extra set of hands to employ their time and talents or a form of financial support. 


Masons Assisting Communities 

Maine Veterans' Home - Bangor

What a wonderful morning with some wonderful people at the Maine Veterans' Home in Bangor.

The Masons in the 6th District in partnership with the Foundation and the Bangor York Rite Masons provided enough funding so that three (3) Lucynt Systems "Dementia Magic Tables" could be purchased and installed at the Maine Veterans' Home in Bangor. Thank you to WABI for the great story that aired on Friday (April 19th) [click on the photo to the left to see it]!

More about the Lucynt Systems [visit their website at]..."Through projection and sound, Lucynt creates a relaxing environment that promotes fun, activity, and cognitive stimulation. Whether it be games that enhance eye-hand coordination, the recollection of memories via pictures, or gaming with group participation, we create positive results in the areas of emotion, social interaction, and physical activity." To quote JoJo, the beautiful lady on the left, "its a treat, not a treatment". A great way for the residents to stay engaged.

The Lucynt Systems cost roughly $5,000 each. Help us in our goal to provide these systems to all the Maine Veterans' Homes!

The Foundation Trustees have kicked off a new project in Holden!
The Legacy / Memorial / Reflection Park

The project seeks to provide current and future generations of Masons the opportunity to provide for a legacy of their own through a physical and enduring structure that further builds on previous generations charitable giving. This project will therefore be advanced by future legacy gifts.

Let’s start by honoring a few good men…

We have a few donors that have made very generous donations to start a fundraising effort in honor of each of these men below.   Their contributions to the Fraternity and/or the Foundation have been significant, noteworthy, and remarkable.  The goals have been set in hopes of securing a prominent place in the park for each of them



Thomas Pulkkinen

Friends of Tom's would like to honor him and secure him a prominent place in the
Legacy / Memorial / Reflection Park

Tom is actively involved in so much, is a tremendous source of historical knowledge and a significant contributor and leader for the Foundation and the Fraternity.

George Pulkkinen

Friends of George's would like to honor him and secure him a prominent place in the
Legacy / Memorial / Reflection Park

George is also very actively involved, he has devoted countless hours to producing the Maine Mason for decades and has proudly served on many important committees, evidencing his commitment as a key contributor and leader for the the Fraternity.

Program spotlights



Bikes for Books

Encouraging children to read

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support of this program

Maine Veterans Dental Program


Over $30,000 donated to help Maine Veterans access dental Thank you to all our donors - Sottish Rite Valley of Augusta, Arundel Masonic Lodge, Fraternal Masonic Lodge, Triangle Masonic Lodge, United Masonic Lodge, the Trustees of the Foundation, Debbie Redmond, Bob Hoyt, Franklin Savings Bank & HM Payson!

Promoting Healthy Living

Masonic Medical Research Institute

The Institute’s vision is to build scientific teams that can combine molecular biology, chemistry, computation, technology and engineering to create novel approaches to understanding and deciphering causes of disease. Using this knowledge, we will advance basic research to clinical application, therapeutics and cures. To this end, the Institute will foster an environment of creativity, risk-taking, and open sharing of data and research. Finally, this new model will seek collaborations, both within the Institute and worldwide, in our mission to combat disease.

More recent highlights across Maine

HELP us share this important message…

No ONE is alone. If you or someone you know needs help please contact NAMI Maine HELPLINE   800-464-5767 and press 1

If you are not in an immediate crisis situation, but you need to talk to someone, you can call the Maine Intentional Warm Line  1-866-771-9276

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MAC Golf Classic 2022

We raised over $34,000 at our 2nd Annual MAC GOLF CLASSIC this year! Thank you to all our sponsors and to all the golfers and volunteers that joined us.  Net proceeds benefited the Brotherhood Fund and the Children’s Center 

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Marge Jones Recreation Fields get much needed rehabilitation…Federal Masonic Lodge #6 takes advantage of the Foundation’s Matching Grants program and donates $3,000

Under its MAC – Masons Assisting Communities initiative the Foundation in partnership with Federal Masonic Lodge #6 donated $3,000 to support the rehabilitation efforts by the town. [below is Bill Chapman providing the $2,000 in Foundation matching funds to Jason Peasley, Rockport’s Fire Chief, and Jon Duke, Rockport Town Manager

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