For over a decade, we have provided annual grants to DEMOLAY MAINE totaling over $80,000


DeMolay was started in 1919, and since that time over 4 million young men  have joined. Today there are about 1500 chapters, located in the United States, Canada and several other countries.

 Interested in DeMolay?  They welcome the opportunity to discuss the many aspects of their organization, specifically designed to provide your son(s) with positive experience-based training in leadership, organizational management, community service, public speaking, event planning and more.

Parents are encouraged to get involved with their son’s Demolay chapter.  The success of every chapter depends on the active participation of the Chapter Advisors and Adult Volunteers. DeMolay welcomes the contribution of your time and talents to the extent your interest and schedule allows.

All are encouraged to contact DeMolay directly with any question or concerns at or you can contact their Executive Officer at