The Foundation provides for two separate types of relief grant opportunities to assist Lodges in providing the necessary assistance to brethren in need (including widows, children and their families). 

  1. Brotherhood Relief Grants ($500 range up to $1,000) – just a phone call to the Excutive Director or Grand Secretary
  2. Masonic Relief Grants (no $ limit) – a lodge must complete an application (available online – click here)

There are situations where time is of the essence and Freemasonry must provide relief as quickly as possible.  The BROTHERHOOD RELIEF GRANTS program allows the Masonic Charitable Foundation to provide assistance as quickly as possible.  The BROTHERHOOD RELIEF GRANTS are meant to address urgent personal needs. 
The two Relief Grants are not matching grants, lodges that can contribute something are asked to do so but it is not a requirement.

Any Maine Mason that is aware of a fellow mason that is in need of financial assistance should contact the Master and/or Secretary of your Lodge or the Blue Lodge of the mason in need and request the Lodge assist the brother (family, widow, children).  Lodge Masters and/or Secretaries may communicate a financial need and assistance recommendation by phone or email to the Executive Director, Grand Secretary, Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master.

The Foundation’s BROTHERHOOD RELIEF grant is here to make sure that the necessary funds are available to any Lodge to provide assistance as quickly as possible.   Our goal is to have a check in the mail directly to the recipient within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the request.

WHEN $500 to $1,000 does not solve the problem…the next step is a MASONIC RELIEF GRANT

Helping to ensure that those who may experience a financial emergency feel Brotherly love and support.

A Lodge took advantage of the BROTHERHOOD RELIEF GRANT to assist a Brother by providing necessary funds to him and his family to secure emergency lodging and sundries within 24 hours of a fire in which they lost everything.

Another Lodge took advantage of the BROTHERHOOD RELIEF GRANT to assist a Brother fill his fuel tank in the middle of January.

Another Lodge took advantage to provide transportation funds so a Brother could bring his wife to her cancer treatments in Boston.