Board of


The Board of Trustees of the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation of the Grand Lodge of Maine must have between eight and eleven members.  The Trustees will consist of the Grand Master of Masons in Maine, the Deputy Grand Master, the Senior Grand Warden, the Junior Grand Warden, and the Grand Secretary.  There will be another six Trustees who are elected at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Maine to serve staggered three year terms.

The current Board of Trustees is:

  • President/Grand Master:Daniel E. Bartlett
  • Vice President/Deputy Grand Master: Donald W. Pratt
  • Senior Grand Warden: Jeffrey Simonton
  • Junior Grand Warden: Paul M. Blank
  • Grand Secretary: temporarily vacant
  • Grand Treasurer: James H. Witham, non-voting officer
  • Elected Trustees:

Kevin V. Campbell

Audie Gould

Frank M. Theriault, Jr

David A. Walker

P. Andrew Hamilton

Claire V. Tusch