December 10, 2022 – Symbols, Who Needs Them

Location: David A. Hooper Lodge #201 – Sullivan
Time: 9:00am
Instructor: Eric Kuntz

Note: Coffee & Donuts will be provided before and lunch will be provided after.

This course will help establish a foundation of understanding for several Maine Masonic College courses dealing with Masonic and other forms of symbolism, allegory, myth and philosophical expressions of belief. It was developed from a psychological and practical perspective which examines the use of dynamic roles of symbols as instruments of understanding and vehicles of exploration both in our personal lives and in our mutual and significant inter-relationships with others.

The lecture portion of this course explores the use of certain symbols of the Masonic degree experience. Participants will be divided into groups and given practical; exercises in which to explore the significance and efficacy of symbols in the process of developing individual and group insights  in their encounter with human situations and in their search for greater understanding. This is a practical applications course and is critical for mentors of any organization in which symbolism plays and important role.

Please pre-register for this event by emailing with your name, Lodge/Jurisdiction (if applicable) and if you plan to attend lunch.