Freemasonry is said to be the world’s oldest fraternity with its roots dating back hundreds of years.  Masonry seeks to enhance the already fine qualities of its members and make a good man into a better man through the tenets of Freemasonry. 

In 1820, the Grand Lodge of Maine came into existence shortly after Maine became the 23rd State of the Union.  The first Governor of Maine also served as the first Grand Master of Masons in Maine, Governor William King.

Our Grand Lodge office is located centrally in Holden, Maine, but the real strength of Masonry in Maine resides in our local lodges.  Currently, Maine is proud to have over 179 lodges in communities throughout the State which are then divided into 24 Masonic districts.  Each lodge has its own character and blend of personalities that are unique to the men who attend the lodge.  These lodges are integral in improving their communities, all while enjoying the benefits of belonging to the largest and most charitable fraternities in the world.

Whether your interest is in the historical side of Masonry, learning more about leadership, public speaking, or just meeting some like-minded men, there is certainly a lodge for you.  Should you wish to inquire about a lodge in your area, click here, or go to our Contact Us page and send us a note.