Bikes for Books Works

Lodges all across Maine are running the Bikes for Books program in conjunction with local schools and libraries in their areas with great success.  Here’s a wonderful letter showing the impact of this amazing program.


I wanted to thank the Lodge for the bikes that my daughter Mara Gentry received this year and my daughter Rachel received last year.

I was not surprised last year when Rachel won because she told me about the program and read on the couch day and night. I am certain it helped her academically.

I was very surprised this year when Mara won. Not because she did not read like her sister did, but rather, because she never mentioned the program and just set on a mission to read. I saw a marked improvement in her as well.

I can’t thank you enough! Not because of the bikes. But because what they represent. My girls not only learned to read but more importantly they learned to set goals and take the responsibility to achieve them.

You can rest assured knowing that your program did way more good than you may have ever intended.

Best Wishes,

Robert Gentry