Maine Freemasonry Underwrites MPBN Broadcast of “Civil War”

This is the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. The Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation is pleased to underwrite, along with two others, the Maine Public Broadcasting Network as they present a rebroadcast of the Ken Burns Production of the “Civil War”. The program, which will air over 5 consecutive nights – September 7th through the 11th, provides an in depth look at the causes, the major battles, the political intrigues, and the results of that great national struggle.

Maine Freemasonry is deeply rooted in the conflict that defined our nation and, in many ways, defined the Craft then and now. Set aside some time to watch and reflect upon the implications of the Civil War on our lives today.


A special thank you to Melissa D. Berry for permission to use the header photo of Brother Joshua Chamberlain.  Click the link below to visit her informative blog called anceSTORY archives.