January 11, 2020 – Curiosity As A Tool For Enriching One’s Life

Studies have revealed that the greatest opportunities for joy, purpose, happiness, and personal growth in life happens when we are mindful of the world around us, when we explore what is new or novel, and when we live in the moment and embrace uncertainty.  Positive events last longer and we can extract more pleasure and meaning from them when we remain open to new experiences and relish the unknown. Curiosity offers us a tool for building lasting and meaningful relationships, improving mental and physical health, increasing creativity, and boosting productivity.  In this course Bro and Dr. Plummer will share studies that have been conducted that reveal that curiosity plays a very critical role in the pursuit of a meaningful life and that it offers a gateway to the creation of profound intimacy, insights, and meaning in life. He will also share tools and techniques that can be used to renew the relationships with the curious explorer in one’s self.  And he says a good place to begin is to ask yourself the question, “Are you curious to know more?”

Instructor: RW Charlie Plummer

Location: Messalonskee Lodge, Oakland 9AM-12PM