Our Training Program

The Maine Masonic College is – at its core – a ‘life-long learning’ program. We are NOT a ‘college’ in the customary sense of the word, nor do we have a campus or any permanent physical location. In fact, we are a Standing Committee of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine. In order to frame our endeavor, we have used the ‘college’ model conceptually.

Our classes/programs are open to all, except for a very limited number which are designated as being ‘For Master Masons Only’ because their content involves certain portions of private Masonic ritual. In all other cases, though, we welcome those from the community who might wish to broaden their minds.

There is no “enrollment” process. We offer a limited number of classes during the year and attendance is entirely voluntary.

Regardless of your educational level, you’ll find that you’ll be welcome at the Maine Masonic College.

Please see our Accessibility Policy here.


We add this section for anyone who may be tempted to apply for favorable treatment in housing or financial assistance programs. Taking a course through the Maine Masonic College is comparable to attending a public presentation at your local library: you’re not a ‘student’ and have no standing as such. Any claims to the contrary will result in notification of fraud being made to the appropriate federal and state programs. We do not take such shams lightly and you’ll find that the government does not either! In addition, we will report all such fraudulent activity here, it having become a matter of public record!

November, 2008 – A Lynn, Massachusetts based realty company with several Maine properties under management inquired about an individual claiming to be enrolled as a student of the Maine Masonic College in order to obtain rent reduction. This company subsequently accepted the individual for a rent subsidy even though they were not in ANY way involved with and/or had even attended a single course/program we offered. The company as well as the Maine Attorney General’s Office and HUD were notified that the individual was perpetrating a scam.