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June 8th, 2024 – EA Degree Course


Location: Phillips Library in Phillips Maine
Time: 10:00am
Instructor: RW Donald McDougal & Brian Ellis

Note: Coffee & Donuts will be provided before and lunch will be provided after.

The Entered Apprentice Course will explore the origins of our Modern (Grand Lodge of Maine) Entered Apprentice Degree. The earliest example will be from the year 868 in a Kentish Charter – the Old English word  “yfesdrype”. The next case would be from the Great July 1212 London Fire which spread with terrifying ferocity, consuming a cathedral, destroying streets and reaching London Bridge before jumping to the north side of the Thames. In that fire up to 3000 people were reported to have lost their lives. It led to the banning of “reeds or rushes nor any kind of straw nor thatch’” as roof coverings and requiring clay tiles, plaster, or some other non-flammable material. The Peasant revolt of 1381, led to the question of the candidate’s Social Class before his being allowed into the lodge room. Fear of the evil eye and misunderstanding of how vision works plays a large role in the “dress” of the candidate.  All Medieval Guilds had Entrance Ceremonies and we will consider two very common professions in all areas – the Millers and the Horsemen whose ceremony was said to come from the Millers ritual. The dry stone masons will be considered.

In this degree we enter the world of symbolism and explore how knowledge came from the East and spread to the West.  The trade routes not only brought imported wares from Asia but they also catered to the western desire for Eastern knowledge.

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