Course Costs

Payment & Cancellation

When fees for courses are involved, they are included on the ‘Course Details’ page. We price programs so that all can attend. Should you find yourself in circumstances which make it difficult for you to pay, please contact our Registrar who will discuss this with you in a completely discreet manner. We are always prepared to waive fees if necessary and ask only that you expend an extra effort in ‘spreading knowledge’.


For those courses where the only charge is for food, we will collect at meal time. Cash or checks (payable to the Maine Masonic College) please. In addition, you can register for any course by simply sending your name, address, phone number and a check for the registration fee payable to the Maine Masonic College % Grand Lodge of Maine, PO Box 430, Holden, ME 04429. Please ensure that your check arrives no later than 7 days before the class begins.

Cancellation Policy

We know that there are times when you may encounter a problem and need to be elsewhere. We want to be fair to you in those instances but we’ve also committed funds to purchase food and to print handout material. If your cancellation reaches us up to five days before the class, you’ll receive a full refund. Within five days of the class, though, you will be responsible for payment of the stated fee. You will receive a full refund if there has been a death in the family or in the event you or an immediate family member are hospitalized. If at all possible, please let us know if you won’t be attending just so we won’t be expecting you’ll appear. Thanks! This page last updated on Wednesday, September 16, 2015