Diploma (Journey)


Completion of The Journey Program is a crowning achievement of study at the Maine Masonic College. It takes initiative and work on the student’s part. It is something to brag about or even put down on a resume or letter for a brother running for Grand Lodge office. There is no end to the number of Journeys you can take with the Maine Masonic College.

What is a Journey? It is really a covenant between you, the student, an Instructor and the Board. You choose what you want to study and approach the Board. The Board works with you to find an Instructor and develop an acceptable curriculum. You then work with the Instructor until you complete your personal journey. Part of this accomplishment is completing the courses as specified in the Certificate program. The end of all Journeys will be a Capstone Project. Once the Journey is successfully completed, the student receives a Diploma.

To begin your Journey, contact any board member.